Request Footage from the Archive

Our philosophy is that Titanic is for everyone.

Since this is our philosophy we have decided to open our archive to anyone who wishes to use it for educational purposes. Whether you want to teach others about what is in the footage, pay tribute to those who were lost in the Titanic disaster, or otherwise.

Due to the extensive time, networking, and research it took to obtain footage in our archive we kindly ask you to only request footage if you are serious about educating others.

Only some footage is able to be shared directly to others. Due to licensing, proper permissions, and the legality of the footage we will not be able to offer every video.

If you wish to request footage please send us an email at with your name, what you plan to use the footage for, and which videos you would like to receive. Please note the video names verbatim to streamline communication. We will email you back within one week to either give you the requested footage or explain to you why we are not able release the requested footage to you.

We kindly ask that anyone who uses footage directly from the Titanic Archive Project give proper credit. If you would like clarification about how to give proper credit please include that in your email to us.

We look forward to seeing what the community creates!