Titanic 2010

Footage courtesy of The Telegraph

In August of 2010, a joint expedition was launched to the wreck of Titanic. The goal of the expedition was to survey the deterioration of the wreck and perform a complete survey of the site using unmanned vehicles and SONAR ahead of the 100 year anniversary of Titanic's sinking. The expedition was a resounding success, and created photomosaics of the entire wreck, including Starboard and overhead profiles of both the bow and stern section, as well as a port side mosaic of the bow. Additional mosaics were conducted of specific areas such as the breakup and the fantail of the stern.

The SONAR mapping resulted in the most complete map of the wreck site ever created, and the scientific data accumulated over the course of the expedition has contributed a great deal to the public's summary knowledge of the wreck of Titanic. The footage shown here is courtesy of the telegraph via YouTube, and is embedded as a direct link to their video. It is featured within our archive by legal means as a way to bring all possible resources for the study of the wreck site to one location.