Independent Projects

On the evening of April 14th, 2020, Titanic Archive Project founders Matthew Smathers and Spencer Littrel hosted a livestream with Titanic Historical Society member Joshua Noble to commemorate the anniversary. The team recounted anecdotal stories from Titanic's history while exploring the wreck site as it appears in Titanic VR. Titanic VR (Immersive VR Education, 2018) is a PC VR experience designed to give the user the feeling of diving to the wreck site of Titanic. The stream peaked at over 1,500 viewers during the anniversary and still remains a favorite Titanic memory for the team.

"Titanic 107 Years Later, The Story Lives On" An Animated Short Film by David McGee from Blue Star Line

David McGee has been a long time friend of Spencer Littrel and a supporter of the Titanic Archive Project. His social media presence was a major driving factor for Day One traffic to our website. Below, you can find an independent short film he created for his YouTube channel - Blue Star Line. Created in honor of the 107th anniversary, the short tells the story of Titanic's fateful maiden voyage.

Titanic VR - 108th Anniversary Stream - Recorded Live in English with Team Members Spencer Littrel and Matthew Smathers with special guest Joshua Noble