James Cameron Expeditions

The Cameron Expeditions: 2001 and 2005

The Blues Brothers visit Titanic

Following the success of "Titanic" (1997) James Cameron organized a series of expeditions to Titanic in the interest of producing documentaries and exploring the interior of the ship. In the 1990's, some interior exploration was done by the ROV "Robin," but due to the size of the vehicle used, most of the interior was inaccessible. Mr. Cameron had spent many hours exploring the wreck in 1995/1996 to film for the wreck sequences of his film, and he knew that the time for interior exploration was running out. Much of the upper decks were already showing signs of heavy deterioration.

In 2001, Mr. Cameron chartered the RV Akademik Mstislav Keldysh and the MIR submersibles for a summer expedition that would explore the interior of Titanic with two brand new ROV's built by his brother, Mike Cameron. The ROV's were nicknamed Jake and Elwood as a nod to the Blue's Brothers, and of all the ROV's to visit Titanic, they were the smallest to date, which would allow them to access parts of the ship that had not been seen since 1912.

From early July to late September, Jake and Elwood worked their way through the interior from A to F Deck, filming many of the first class cabins near the grand staircase, the elevator lobbies, the D-Deck reception room and Dining Saloon, parts of the Officers Quarters, the A-Deck Promenade, Third Class open spaces, crew spaces, and much more. Though they hadn't explored the entire interior, the expedition answered many questions that had gone unanswered for nearly a century and spurred a new wave of enthusiasm when the wreck footage filmed on this expedition was used for James Cameron's return to the big screen with Ghosts of the Abyss (2003).

In 2005, James Cameron returned to Titanic with Jake and Elwood to continue his interior exploration. New areas were accessed including the Marconi Wireless Room, the Turkish Baths, Scotland Road and more, and cinematic video of the exterior was filmed for a series of documentaries that aired after the expedition.

Between these expeditions, nearly 50 hours of video were filmed by the ROV's. While our collection only currently houses 7 of these hours, our team will continue to search for the remainder. As new footage is found, it will be added to this archive for public access. You can view our current collections for Cameron's expeditions here: