IMAX 1991

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Expedition Helmet B-roll

This B-roll shot is an alternate take for the 1992 Documentary "Titanic: Treasure of the Deep". Detailed close up of Soviet Hammer & Sickle with Canadian and American flags.

1991 Expedition Crew

The documentary film crew from IMAX, CBS, and National Geographic pose together with the Russian crew of the Akademik Mstislav Keldysh for a group photo over the wreck of Titanic.

Launching the Mirs

With hand on the throttle and a watchful eye on the lowering process, the support launch from the 'Keldysh' lends a guiding line to allow for the sub to be led away from the mothership after it is lowered into the water.


The same launching, just witnessed from within the submersible, gives us a glimpse of the moment the sub is lowered into the Atlantic. Next stop TITANIC two and a half miles below.

Interior shot Mir 2

Sub pilot Genya Chernaiev at the controls of Mir #2 during one of the many dives to Titanic. Seen here just after communicating with Mir 1 during a coordinated shot of the Titanic wreck. The submersible pilots were the ultimate masters of this expedition. Not only navigating the wreck of Titanic (For the first time in their careers) with skill and professionalism... but they also had to pilot the subs on the whims of the cinematographers instructions. This expedition saw two major documentary films and everyone was clamoring for the best shots.