IMAX 1991

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Prow Cinematic

Two minute tracking shot in which the submersible rises from the sea floor to a position just above the prow rail. As the submersible reaches deck level the anchor crane is backlit by the lights of the other MIR. The prow cable stay is prominently visible, as is the hawse pipe.

Prow/Center Anchor

The cable stay which attached lines from the foremast to the prow is prominently visible as the camera tracks over the bow rail to reveal the central anchor.

Central Anchor/Forecastle Equipment

The central anchor is featured in this clip sitting in the anchor well. The base of the anchor crane is seen just aft of the well. Note - the rails seen here, along with the metal plating on which they sit, were removable and would have been removed during the deployment and recovery of the central anchor. At 2 points on each side a section of rail can be seen to terminate with 2 stanchions instead of the standard single vertical stanchion. These mark the beginning and end of the removable portions.

Moving onto the Forecastle

In this shot, the submersible crosses over the rail onto the forecastle. The aft end of the removable rail section on the starboard side is visible along with a set of mooring bitts. The anchor chains are visible once the submersible reaches the forecastle, along with the chain compressor which ensured that the chains didn't slip during the raising of the anchor.

Forecastle Equipment

An alternative view of the forecastle equipment, seen here from the port side. The windlasses, capstans and bollards are featured quite prominently throughout the clip, along with the anchor chains and their teak supports.