IMAX 1991

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Aft facing ventilator situated just aft of the #1 funnel casing on the roof of the Officers Quarters.

Engine Order Telegraph


The starboard propeller has been torn from its original position and now sits at the mudline of the stern section. It's worth noting that the blade on the inboard side seems to be missing.

Expedition Historian Ralph White

Ralph White was one of the chief historians and experts on the 1991 expedition. He was present for the 1985 expedition which first glimpsed Titanic and between the years of 1987 - 2005 likely conducted more dives on the wreck of Titanic than any other person alive with the exception of the 'MIR Program' founder and submersible pilot Dr. Anatoly Sagalevich.

"A Cramped Interior"

Here in this clip we see Dr. Anatoly Sagalevich (center) making seat adjustments during one of the many dives to Titanic. He is joined on this dive by Hollywood cinematographer Al Giddings (Right) and National Geographic photographer Emory Kristof (Left). This clip perfectly summarizes the cramped nature of these submersibles during a typical dive. It may, however, come as a surprise to know that as cramped as they were, these submersibles were top of the line and had much more room than previous ones used to explore & salvage the great liner.