IMAX 1991

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A-Deck Superstructure

Tracking shot which starts outside the window of cabin B-2 and ascends past A-Deck to the wheelhouse and telemotor. As the submersible passes A-Deck, the windows of cabin A-1 are visible through the collapsed remains of the navigation bridge.


Nearly static shot focused on the ship's telemotor.

Collapsed Starboard Officers Quarters Bulwark

The bulwark seen here originally made up the outer wall of Captain Smith's cabin. This shot echoes how it appeared around the time of Titanic's discovery. By 2003 this bulwark had completely collapsed. It remains lying flat on the boat deck.

Boat Deck Stateroom Windows

The windows of staterooms T, U and W are featured prominently here. The two open windows belong to W and U, both of which were unoccupied. Near the end of the clip the closed window of stateroom T is visible. This cabin was occupied by Stephen W. Blackwell, a corporate manager who had been on an extended trip in Europe in the hopes that it may help his failing health. Mr. Blackwell unfortunately did not survive the sinking.

Boat Deck Stateroom Windows #2

The windows of staterooms U and W are visible again in this clip along with the electric winch which sat directly outside of stateroom W. This winch would have been used to raise lifeboats back out of the water had they come back on board. It would have been used when the boats were first installed and during lifeboat drills as required.