Photo Gallery

NOAA 2003 Photos

Our footage covers the sea floor for the most part, but the 2003 expedition also brought back a series of high resolution images from both sea floor and surface. Here you'll see how a dive in the MIR's is executed from launch to recovery.

NOAA 2004 Photos

In 2004, Dr. Robert Ballard returned to Titanic to survey the changes to the site since 1986. He used two unmanned vehicles, ARGUS and Hercules to conduct this survey. In the 2004 photo gallery, you'll see the 2004 Mosaic in its full resolution, learn about the operation of these unmanned vehicles, and discover how Titanic assists in the development of modern deep sea equipment.

The End of an Era

Photos of the ship prior to its sinking and other relevant photos to the story of Titanic. Images contained are not owned by the Titanic Archive Project and are used under Creative Commons or Public Domain license. If an image has been used that is not under CC or Public domain, please email us with your concerns and we will resolve the issue.