IMAX 1991

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Backlit Bow Rail Cinematic

One of the more "ghostly" shots filmed during the 1991 expedition. This was achieved by positioning one of the MIR's just far enough from the camera that only its lights were visible and then filming them through the silhouetted bow rail and anchor crane.

Foremast/Crows nest door

When filming at Titanic, it seems obligatory to capture a long tracking shot during which the submersible "climbs" the foremast and passes over the crows nest door. Of note is that the mast is in relatively good condition compared to its condition in 2003, which can be seen extensively in our NOAA 2003 section.


In what seems to be a follow up to the crows nest door shot, this shot continues to track up the mast over B-Deck and cuts off as the submersible reaches the threshold of A-Deck.

Starboard Hull Breach

This shot is one of the clearest shots that we've found of the blowout on the starboard hull below the forward well deck. The shot begins at the leading edge and shows just how far the hull plating has been forced away from the side of the ship. The shattered ends of hull frames jut out from the blowout, making this an extremely risky shot to film. Quite regularly, the prevailing currents at the wreck site would be pushing the submersible closer in to the breach from this angle, but thankfully it seems that the current was quite minimal on the day this was filmed.

Cargo crane booms/Forward superstructure

A slow tracking shot filmed to starboard of and below the mast. The shot begins with the booms of the cargo cranes on the forward well deck in view ahead of the bulkhead which separated the well deck from first class cabins on C-Deck. The submersible crosses over the booms to briefly show the window of cabin B-2.